Country Spring

Bleu Gardens Kimono
Bleu Gardens Kimono $48.50
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Driftwood Booties
Driftwood Booties $46.50
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Daisy Days Jumpsuit
Daisy Days Jumpsuit $46.00
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Sugar & Cream Lace Shirt
Sugar & Cream Lace Shirt $48.50
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Day Tripping Skirt
Day Tripping Skirt $48.50
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Peacock Embroidered Tunic
Peacock Embroidered Tunic $34.00
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Canyon Denim Vest
Canyon Denim Vest $32.50
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Marie Summer Skirt
Marie Summer Skirt $32.00
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Sweet Joy Headbands
Sweet Joy Headbands $16.00
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Spring Floral Scarf
Spring Floral Scarf $18.00
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Bernice Kick Boot
Bernice Kick Boot $42.50
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Amelie Meadow Blouse
Amelie Meadow Blouse $42.00
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Double Drop Earrings
Double Drop Earrings $24.00
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April Fringe Infinity Scarf
April Fringe Infinity Scarf $18.00
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Alice Plaid Shift dress
Alice Plaid Shift dress $46.50
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Wide Brim Woven Panama Hat // sand
Wide Brim Woven Panama Hat // sand $24.00
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Farmer's Market Floral Scarf
Farmer's Market Floral Scarf $16.00
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Secret Garden Kimono
Secret Garden Kimono $48.50
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 curators, collectors and traders of all things curious and lovely.

nestled in a seaside town of the pacific northwest, we are inspired by our everyday surroundings and happenings. constantly searching for fashions to reflect and express a modern gypsy lifestyle.

roaming from one end of the country to the other, always in style. always in GYPSY THREADS.

thank you for stopping by our little space here on the world wide web, we love our customers and followers, please come back again soon!

oh, and also... we're fun!